Ver-Mec was founded in 1974 as an artisan company specialized in sheet metal processing, over the years it has grown into an industrial production reality with 45 employees.

Located in the heart of the industrial area of Beinasco, near Turin, Ver-Mec covers an area of over 5,000 m2, of which 3,300 are built.

In 2015, a change of management took place at Ver-Mec and the new owners began a process of adapting the production plants and partially renewing the equipment and production machines.

The new ownership has set itself the goal of improving and making the entire production cycle more efficient through investments in computerization and personnel training in order to guarantee increasingly higher quality standards to its customers.

Ver-Mec operates for almost 50 years in the field of design and construction of tool and mechanical processing of sheet metal, covering all production processes ranging from the creation of prototypes and pre-series, to the design and construction of molds, up to the final testing of the elements.

In particular, our company specializes in the supply of the following sections:

  • Design and construction of molds and equipment;
  • Cold stamping of sheet metal;
  • Laser cut;
  • Various types of assembly of the elements;
  • TIG and MIG welding;
  • Creation of prototypes and pre-series using the aforementioned technologies;


In 2021, a 160 kWp photovoltaic system was installed in order to cover part of the company’s energy needs during the day.

The intervention was carried out thanks to the contribution of the Piedmont Regional Operational Program FERS 2014/2020 “Energy efficiency tender and renewable sources in companies”.

Contribution features:
Line of intervention Line 2 – Interv. Installations
Eligible expenditure €135,000.00

ESL 20% € 27,000.00
Regional fee €86,400.00
Bank fee € 21,600.00

ESL 8.052% €8,696.29 (for the loan)